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You've got technical questions about launching your podcast and building your business? Welcome to our resources section here at Pulse Media. We've compiled a list of products and services to help you build and scale your business.

On this page you will only find products and services that we use.

The resources outlined here have been critical in running our businesses, including our network. Some of these we've used in our early start up phases and continue to use as we reach scale. Transparency is always our focus and is to your advantage:

Some of the product links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. These small commissions do not alter the pricing and are not an additional cost to you.

Every single recommendation below is a product or service that we've tested and still use today. We take our recommendations very seriously and will only recommend brands that we use and trust. We love tools that help us optimize our businesses and we're sure you do too. However, only purchase items that you feel will offer you value. If you have ANY questions about anything we have recommended before you purchase, just reach out to us with questions.

Content is king and sound is the queen.

We know that the queen really trumps the king and this ATR 2100 is the microphone we use on all of our podcasts. This is a microphone that'll give you the most bang for your buck and is really the magic behind how we record our shows. Whether you're recording solo, or with guests via Skype, this is the microphone you'll want.

Podcasting on the go with the Rode VideoMic ME is super user friendly. Whether your grabbing audio out in the field, or recording in your studio, this low profile directional mic will help you dial that sound in on your smartphone. 

Hands down the best recording device.

Whether you're recording live audio or laying down tracks in a studio, this handheld recorder will definitely change your post-production workflow. This device will not only help you level up your podcast recording, but if you have a video platform for your business, the Zoom H6 can handle it.

Plenty of storage to hold your audio and video.

The Zoom H6 will come with a 2GB SD card, but will support SD cards up to 128GB and will hold many hours of audio recording. This SanDisk Ultra is reasonably priced and can be used for both audio and video recording (depending on the video hardware you're using).

Is video an added platform to your business?

At Pulse Media we realize the value with adding a video platform to your business. This complimentary media can add just another way to connect with your community. The provided list includes items that we think you'll find helpful whether you're just starting to add video to your brand, or you've been using video in your business for awhile.

Keep in mind that not all of these products listed aren't targeted to the advanced vlogger and/or video producer, however we're certain that many of you  will find a piece of tech that will help your workflow.

Let us know if we can help you in any way if you have questions about any of these items listed.


We've outlined a few tools if you're looking to add video as a complimentary platform to your business.

Video content tools

Pulse Media doesn't just work with audio. We're a full-scale media production company providing a wide range of content. We've compiled a list of video tools that can help you get started with creating videos. This list consists of hardware that we've used to get started, and some of what we still use today.


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