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Our private Facebook community is just one of the benefits that we offer to our fellow podcasters on Pulse Media Network. If you're struggling to launch your podcast, or if you've started and just can't seem to amplify, then this is the group for you. We're extending an offer to you free for 30 days to ask questions and engage with the community of podcasters on this growing network. 

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kevin ross

"First off, learning something new is always fun, but don't go at it alone. On that same note, it's also not as fulfilling to succeed alone. At Pulse Media Network we aren't just a group of podcasters that enjoy rocking faces. We've put our resources together to elevate our ability to create something so amazing you'll quickly understand that having access to some of the best podcasters in the business will help you launch and stay launched."  

Kevin Ross - Pulse Media Group

"Well said, Kevin. In fact... that is probably THE thing I love most about working (or should I say, playing) with this network! The support. If I don't know the answer... someone else in the group will. If I can help someone out, I can pop in and lend a helpful hand. It's all about the win-win-win! The name of the game... Come join us!"

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN - Pulse Media Group

Elizabeth Scala
Keith Carlson

"Symbiosis and collaboration happen when two or more people put their hearts and minds together. Pulse Media Network is all about such symbiotic and exciting energy; a rising tide lifts all boats, as they say, and we invite you to come swim in the blue, inviting, innovative sea of podcasting. All aboard!"

Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC - Pulse media Group

Here's Just a Sound Bite of What You'll Learn.


Are you struggling with your start because you're still trying to figure out what your show should be about? What should you even call your show?

Bounce those ideas in the private Facebook group.

Podcast Equipment

"So if I put that line in here, and then run it over to this 12-channel mixer I should be able to interview my guest, right?"

We promise to not over complicate the technical aspects. It's so much easier than you think.

Target Market

Who is my target audience? Where do I find them? How do I reach them?

At Pulse Media Network we've got the scoop on finding your audience.

Can you imagine how much you can accomplish when working in a group with some of the most successful podcasters? Let's amplify together.

We'd love to be able to help!

Try this group FREE for 30 days and get that much closer to getting your podcast launched.